Sunday, 6 April 2008

Book of the week and Bibliography - Joe Abercrombie, Last Argument of Kings

Joe Abercrombie is a UK fantasy writer who has just published the final volume of the First Law Trilogy, Last Argument of Kings, published in the UK by Gollancz. The book has been issued simultaneously in paperback and hardcover, meaning that the hardcover print run is likely to be relatively small. Fantasy fiction is a specialist area, and I would not claim to be an expert, but these books are well written and enjoyable, and the series has attracted a considerable following. The first two volumes in the triology, The Blade Itself and Before they were Hanged, are now relatively uncommon and expensive (currently around £125 for volume 1 and £90 for volume 2). However, when the first volume was released it was recommended by several Modern First Edition dealers, and I purchased and read it at that stage. I now have the complete trilogy, all signed and dated and purchased at list price, and they look like a good investment. Whether the first two volumes are worth purchasing at current prices is a matter of judgement, and will depend on how the author develops in the future. The second volume in the trilogy has just been released in the US to very positive reviews, so the omens look good.

The Blade Itself, Gollancz 2006 - (February 2011 - only one online copy, signed lined and dated £400)
Before they were Hanged, Gollancz 2007 (February 2011 - only one online copy, signed and lined £250.  The seller says that this is the rarest of the books)
Last Argument of Kings, Gollancz 2008 (February 2011 - £80-100)
Best Served Cold, Gollancz, 2009 (February 2011, £10-15)
The Heroes, Gollancz, 2011

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Anonymous said...

Before They Are Hanged copy is actually an uncorrected proof that has been signed and lined - a Gollancz hardback is even more expensive and harder to find!