Sunday, 22 August 2010

Book of the Week and Bibliography - Stuart Neville, Collusion

This is a relatively slow time of the year for book releases, with holidays in full swing. Collusion is the second thriller by Stuart Neville, and follows on from The Twelve, which was one of the successes in this genre from 2009. There is no doubt that Neville has the knack of writing page turners – Collusion moves at a fast pace, and will keep the reader engrossed by the swimming pool or on the beach. It is by no means a complex or difficult read, and could be read as a standalone novel, but since it is in effect a sequel it would be better to read The Twelve first. Both books are set in the murky world of Northern Ireland paramilitary violence and policing, with no faction presented in a good light. A dark book therefore, but not as uniformly grim in mood as the books of David Peace – Neville allows redemption for a few.

Collusion is released as a paperback only at present. There was a limited edition of The Twelve produced by No Alibis bookshop in Belfast, now only available at a premium, and the same route may follow for Collusion. It is early in Neville’s career as an author and this genre is not for all, but his career will be an interesting one to follow.


The Twelve, 2009, Harvill. Paperback edition. Published in the US by Soho Press as The Ghosts of Belfast.
Hardcover and slipcased edition, 50 signed and numbered copies, with illustrations by Julie Chalmers.

Short stories:

The Six, 2009. Six short stories available for download from Stuart Neville’s website, and privately published as a glossy softcover edition of 50, numbered and signed. No ISBN number!

Queen of the Hill, in Requiems for the Departed, Morrigan Books, 2010.


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