Saturday, 5 January 2008

The Greatest British Writers since 1945

The Times has published its list of 50 greatest British writers since 1945, which is inevitably controversial. The sort of thing which all you intellectuals out there can discuss over a glass of fine wine and a good cheese (don't forget to invite me around!).

From a collector's perspective, well regarded writers tend to be more collectible, but only those editions which were published in relatively modest numbers. Once a writer has become famous, subsequent works tend to have very large print runs and therefore are easy to find and have little value. Sometimes, once a writer achieves a certain degree of fame, there may be a limited edition published simultaneously with a trade edition - this has been the case, for instance, for each of Haruki Murakami's recent books published in the UK. Such an edition will tend to be more expensive but also often a good investment if the print run is limited.

Philip Larkin is ranked at number one by the Times, which will come as a surprise to many. In addition, there is no appearance at all by Graham Greene or Dylan Thomas. There is an opportunity to add you comments to the Times website or here.

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