Sunday, 8 November 2009

Book of the Week - Ryan David Jahn, Acts of Violence

Macmillan New Writing is an imprint which does exactly what it says – introducing previously unpublished writers to the unsuspecting public. Some of these writers may well publish little else in their careers, but others will go on to have successful careers, Brian McGilloway being a good example. Ryan David Jahn is an American writer, whose first novel has just been published and has attracted considerable attention. Acts of Violence is based on a real event - in 1964, Kitty Genovese was stabbed to death outside her home in New York City. Thirty eight people witnessed her attack, but did nothing to help, leading to what became known as the "Bystander Effect". This is a book full of violence, and not for the weak hearted. Goldsboro books published a 250 copy edition, signed, numbered and with the author’s thumbprint in red ink. These copies, and the trade edition, are published in decorated boards with no dustwrapper. The limited edition is now sold out, but a couple of copies are available at a not unreasonable price on ABEbooks and there are also a couple on Ebay. Jahn has signed a deal for a further two books which will be published in 2010 and 2011.

“ Katrina Marino is about to become America’s most infamous murder victim. This is Katrina’s story, and the story of her killer. It is also the story of Katrina’s neighbors, those who witness her murder and do nothing: the terrified Vietnam draftee; the woman who thinks she’s killed a child, and her husband who will risk everything for her; the former soldier planning suicide and the man who saves him. And others whose lives are touched by the crime: the elderly teacher whose past is catching up with him; the amateur blackmailer who’s about to find out just what sort of people he’s been threatening; the corrupt cop who believes he is God’s “red right hand.” Shocking and compassionate, angry and gripping, Acts of Violence is a sprawling, cinematic tour-de-force, a terrifying crime novel unlike any other.”

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for this recommendation. I got the very last copy available on abebooks for a reasonable prize. I think, since it is a debut and the first book of a trilogy, there is strong potential for an increase in value