Wednesday, 6 January 2010

One in and one out

As I remarked earlier, my book collection has now reached the point were no more books can accumulate. Indeed, it would be better (at least from the point of view of space) if my collection were to shrink. This might be achieved by only buying thin books and disposing of fat ones, but more realistically I need to let go more books this year than I buy. Most book collectors reach this point sooner or later, although for some the problem becomes a pathological one (see Diogenes syndrome).

So how to start? There are a variety of options available - donate books to a charity shop, give them to friends (or perhaps enemies in some cases), sell on ebay or to a dealer, or at a sale of some kind. I will probably do all of these over the next year, and I am open to other suggestions! And as part of the deal I will keep a record of the ups and downs of what happens, and provide a tally at the end of the year. So far, one book has arrived this year (A rather nice catalogue of the Gilbert and George exhibition at the Tate Modern, along with a very cheap signed poster, still available from the Tate Modern Online Shop; £11 for both!), so one book must go. Jonathan Strange and Mr.Norrell by Susanna Clarke (signed limited first in slipcase, of course) will go up on ebay tomorrow night, and I will report what happens in due course.

PS - Jonathan Strange found a good home at £45, meaning a small profit for me, to be reinvested!

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