Saturday, 2 July 2011

Haruki Murakami - IQ84 limited editions

It is now a couple of years since IQ84 by Haruki Murakami was released in Japan, to great acclaim.  It has since been published in a couple of other countries, and the UK edition is due in October this year.  The book was originally published in three volumes - the UK edition will come in two parts, with volume 1 and 2 combined in a single book, and volume 3 separately. There will be both paperback and hardcover editions.

All of Murakami's recent books have also come as limited editions in the UK, sometimes more than one (see my bibliography for further details). Initial indications are of an unusual format for the limited edition on this occasion - an issue of 100 copies of three separate volumes in a single perspex slipcase, with the title and design printed on it. Each book will be handsewn with exposed binding and coloured thread, and will have an individual hand printed cover design. The third volume only will be signed by Haruki Murakami on the back page, and this will be visible through the Perspex slipcase. These details may, of course, change - and the price is to be confirmed, although initial suggestions are £750, which if confirmed would make this by far and away the most expensive Murakami limited edition to date.***

If there are other UK versions I will confirm these as and when I get details. At the moment I am also aware of a leather bound Australian edition from Random House, at 500 AUD, which will postdate the UK edition, but I do not have any further details*.

*As of 9/9/11, Random House Australia are saying that the leather bound edition will now not be available, and are listing a deluxe signed limited edition 3 volume set. I believe that this is the UK edition, which is now being advertised worldwide, but will keep this under review.

**1/10/11, Foyles are releasing an unsigned variant  of the UK trade edition with red edges, limited to 1500 copies.

***6/11/11, For final details of the perspex limited edition please see here.


Anonymous said...

Grateful if you can provide more information on the publisher of the limited edition and how to obtain a copy.

Thanks a lot..

Trapnel said...

I believe this will be under the Harvill Secker imprint (Murakami's UK publisher). The most likely source at present would be one of the main UK first edition dealers - you will find links on the home page of this site, on the left

Simon said...

I'm taking orders -

Anonymous said...

I've had a chat with the sales department at Random House in Australia. Apparently, only 3 copies of the signed 3-volume limited issue were sent to them and they are earmarked for promotional use.

The remainder of the edition has been very heavily over-subscribed and most booksellers are only getting one copy.

It looks like all except the very fortunate will be paying through the nose on the secondary market.

Trapnel said...

I have also been told that most bookdealers will be getting only one copy. I suspect this will initially go for at least double face value on the secondary market, but will post updates as I see them.

Ben Arnold said...

I usually have no trouble understanding first edition points but this book, because of its many editions, is confusing me. Do you know what points are needed to identify a U.S. first printing? I believe I have one, but the book follows none of the usual Knopf identifiers so I am lost as to what printing I have. I purchased it the day it came out so I believe I have a first/first but if you have any information that would help me, I would appreciate it. Great blog. Thanks!

Trapnel said...

Ben - Many thanks for your kind comments! Wish I had more time for it...

The US Knopf edition is a beautiful book - all three volumes in one, pictorial boards, semi-transparent jacket. I think that the print run was very large, and it is likely that you have a first edition however. If you look at the first few pages, with the pictures and single letter or number from the title, you will notice at the bottom some very tiny writing. Several pages in there is a blank page with the authors name on the right, and the number "4" on the opposite page. At the bottom of that page you should see in a very tiny font "United States of America. First United States Edition". If you see anything else please let me know.

There are also a small number of copies of this edition signed and stamped by Murakami in circulation - somewhere between 100 and 300 from figures I have seen in various places.

Best wishes


Ben Arnold said...


Thank you for your quick reply! With a Chip Kidd design I should have known the markings would be somewhere else. I have a first. Thanks!