Sunday, 2 October 2011

Haruki Murakami - 1Q84: Foyles' limited editions

The release of Murakami's 1Q84 will be the highlight of  the autumn in the world of literary fiction.   A number of bookshops are planning late night openings so that the cognoscenti can get their hands on a copy at the magic hour of midnight, or at least a copy of the first two volumes (combined in one for the UK and US release). A bit like the Harry Potter days, but with a much more refined (and shorter) queue I would imagine.  The third volume will be released one week later.

There should be a very large print run given Murakami's prominence and the anticipation and publicity for this book.  I have highlighted the high end perspex-boxed limited edition previously.  Originally this was intended for release to the UK market only, but it has now been made available world wide and demand considerably exceeds supply (surprising given its price, but indicating the strength of interest in Murakami among serious collectors).

Now Foyles bookshop in London have announced the release of a more affordable limited edition (perhaps more accurately described as a variant of the standard UK edition available from Harvill).  This is identical to the hardcover trade edition, but with red edges, and numbers are limited to 1500 copies.  It is not signed by Murakami.  True completists will need to seek a copy of  this variant out - it is available now from the Foyles' website.  You can also read the first chapter of 1Q84 there, and enter a short story competition inspired by a line from the book.

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